Uloom Training

Ms Project & Excel Training

Microsoft Project Training

Microsoft Project is a famous and widely used project management software for Predictive, Plan-Based project scheduling.

Course Outline – 1 day course (Online or In-Person)

  • Introduction to MS Project
  • Creating and updating Tasks
  • Establish links and setting timing of Tasks
  • Creating Resources in Resource pool
  • Assigning Resources to single or multiple tasks
  • Using available Views in MS project
  • Working with Project Schedule
  • Tracking Progress and Managing changes in a Project
  • Viewing and Reporting Project Information

Microsoft Excel Training

Microsoft Excel is a famous and widely used software for building data sheets for various purposes such as budgeting, estimation, data analysis and presentation.

Course Outline – 1 day course (Online or In-Person)

  1. Basic Excel Features, Toolbar, Navigation and Options
  2. Working with Cells (Insert, Move, Copy, Duplicate, Cut, Copy, etc.)
  3. Cell Formatting and Comments
  4. Working with Tables
  5. Working with a Database
  6. Working with Data (Sort, Calculate, Concatenate, etc.)
  7. Using Formulas (Inserting; Executing; Validating, etc.)
  8. Formatting and Printing Layout Options

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